Male Red-Winged Blackbird

Here’s some more avian spam! This is a male red-winged blackbird. Females, strangely, look like oversized sparrows.


Mono Cliffs

So the grade 7s at CWSA went to Mono Cliffs Education Centre for a few nights as part of our history and science programs. It was pretty awesome. Scenery was beautiful. Got out for a hike and was able to take some pictures. Used my 50mm lens, maybe not as good as my 100mm, and doesn’t fit the polarizing filter (must… get… more) but still decent. Enjoy the pictures. Keep in mind that you can visit Mono Cliffs Provincial Park (about 1h 30m from Toronto) to hike, mountain bike, etc. and the scenery is especially gorgeous at this time of year (yellow leaves floating down everywhere, crows soaring through the blue skies).

Edit: This isn’t all the pictures, they’re taking a fantastically long time to upload so I’ll finish this off in the morning. See ya! 🙂

Edit: All right, here are the pictures. Enjoy! 😀